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Striplin REIL units incorporate a trouble free mechanical flash system (no printed circuit boards), and use high intensity LED lamps. Master and slave unit flash together helping to identify the runway environment during low visibility and instrument weather conditions.

LED REIL System 120 Volt

Master REIL unit. Available in all mounting heights to suit your needs.

Slave unit.

Striplin REIL unit operating in sub-zero conditions in Rockwood, Maine.

Striplin SFALS consists of 5 LED high intensity sequence flashing lead in lights that are fired by a mechanical flash relay (no printed circuit boards). These economical lead in lights provide a high margin of safety during instrument weather conditions at small airports that have GPS, VOR, and other non-precision approaches.

LED Sequence Flashing Approach Light System

LED Medium Intensity Economy Approach Lights

with Sequence Flashing Lead Ins

Striplin is the only manufacturer of low cost LED short approach light systems in the airport lighting industry. These approach light systems make it possible for smaller airports to have essentially the same type of approach light system as large commercial airports at a fraction of the cost. We can manufacture any type of approach light configuration to meet your particular needs. Call for quote: (334) 588-3170!!!

3 light approach light tower with attached sequence flashing light. (ICAO European-style)

5 light approach light tower. (FAA/ICAO USA-Style)

NOTE: Both 3 & 5 light systems are available.

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           New LED REIL Head Assembly

9 Super Brite LED lamps use only 45 Watts!

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